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The First Bohemian - Style Absinthe in America
What does Bohemian-style mean?
Bohemian-Style means we’ve reduced the amount of aniseed in the recipe resulting a product without the dominant licorice taste. That’s what makes Mata Hari the “Mixable Absinthe.” You’ll find some drink recipe ideas here, and also check out our videos. They’ll show you how to serve it in the classic Absinthe ritual as well as demonstrate some cool new cocktail recipes.

Absinthe Mata Hari Sponsors Thursday Drink Night!
Thursday Drink Night (TDN), a weekly online gathering of dozens of spirits writers, mixologists, and enthusiasts, was sponsored by Absinthe Mata Hari on January 22nd. The event, which took place in The Mixoloseum chat room, was attended by some of the most influential writers in the cocktail blog world and was focused on creating exciting new cocktails with Absinthe Mata Hari.Check out the video below or head on over to the recipes page to see more of the original cocktails from TDN.

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