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Absinthe Mata Hari comes to America with a unique history and authenticity. It is produced by Fischer Schnaps of Wien (Vienna) Austria. Fischer Schnaps boasts five continuous generations of master distillers going back to Friedrich Fischer who founded the company in 1875, and is still headquartered in the original building on Wilhelmstrasse. The Fischers’ original Belle Époque absinthe recipe dates to 1881, and while the spirit has been banned in Europe and America for almost a hundred years, master distiller Gerald Fischer has resurrected his Great Grandfather’s secret recipe.

If you have the chance to come to Vienna, please stop by for a visit. We still operate out of the old family store which is now called the Alt Wiener (Old Vienna) Schnapsmuseum. And no, that’s not a misprint; Schnaps is spelled with only one “p” in the Austrian German and means “take it”.


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